The Eibach Meet: A Non-Honda-Lover’s Guide


When you think of the annual Eibach meet, chances are, this is what you think of. It's true—a shortage of multi-colored engine bays and beautified washers and bolts there is not, but if you look hard enough, performance can be found.
Like here. Whitfield Manufacturing owner Jason Whitfield has been building and racing Hondas since the early 1990s. His most notable build, perhaps, is what was then crowned the world's fastest single-cam—a CRX co-built by the late and legendary race car fabricator and driver, Shaun Carlson. Today Whitfield cooks up similar creations for a large clientele base from his Upland, California workshop. 
Another Honda that's all business and has the track scars to prove as much. 
Twenty years ago, doing something as absurd as swapping a 160hp B-series engine into a 1988-1991 Civic was a chore; one that required welding, a fair amount of electrical work, and a week off work. Two decades later and a 200hp K-series can be dropped into place with hand tools, a drill, and a Saturday. 
Arguably one of the only original import drag racers to have participated season after season since the mid-1990s, Jeremy Lookofsky continues to dominate, most recently becoming the first to break the naturally aspirated, eight-second barrier with a FWD layout. 
Lookofsky's company, Drag Cartel Industries, specializes in everything K-series of the naturally aspirated persuasion and has the capabilities to produce more than 400 whp without forced induction. 
Even after a decade of K-series engines, the aftermarket's had trouble producing cams that either work or don't blow things up. Drag Cartel K-series cams do both and are virtually undisputed among the K-series community. 
Lookofsky (left) and a man who needs no introduction among Honda enthusiasts, Oscar Jackson (right). Jackson, who founded Jackson Racing in 1979, has been developing engine and suspension components as well as supercharger systems for Hondas and Acuras longer than most Honda fans have been alive. 

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