The Eibach Meet: A Non-Honda-Lover’s Guide


Honda engine swap mounts manufacturer Hasport wasn't there to simply answer questions and show off its line of transplant brackets but instead plopped a K-series engine right into an Integra in the middle of the meet. 
Hasport's latest company car, a turbocharged and K-series-swapped Prelude. Because of the Prelude's optional 2.2L H22A engine, K-series transplants into the 1992-1996 coupe remain few, but Hasport plans to reveal the swap's merits soon. For one, even 2.4L K-series engines weigh nearly 75 lbs less than the H-series.
The Honda scene is rampant with inexpensive and poorly made coilovers sourced from Chinese and Taiwanese factories by American trading companies, but organizations like Hasport understand the consequences of those. Moton suspension all around for the Hasport Prelude.
If there's a Honda engine swap that's been done, is being done, or will be done, chances are, Hasport frontman and Honda savant Brian Gillespie is responsible for it in some manner. 
There's more to it than a box full of brackets and mounts, but because of companies like Hasport, the Honda engine swap process has become one that almost any monkey can handle. 

Hasport's other company ride, this K-series-swapped Insight landspeed car features a custom Rotrex supercharger system. For obvious reasons, all of the Insight's hybrid nonsense has been removed. 

Unlike Roots-type superchargers, Rotrex superchargers can be plumbed and intercooled like a turbo system. Unlike a turbo system, though, Rotrex superchargers' oiling systems are self-contained, which makes installing them easy and keeps oil temperatures low. 
Andy Hope's Circuit Monsters track CRX. According to Hope, the HKS muffler is a welcomed recent addition, one of which he's wanted to add to any number of his 1988-1991 Civics or CRXs for the better part of a decade and a half. For a track car, it doesn't make much difference, but to the sentimental Honda enthusiast who's spent the better part of the mid-1990s staring at HKS catalogs, well, it sort of does.

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