The Eibach Meet: A Non-Honda-Lover’s Guide


Despite the engine swap, the seemingly non-existent wiring harness, and the relocated brake components, today there's nothing unusual about K-swapped Civics like this being driven semi-regularly. 
Although not completed in time for the meet, this is another example of a K-swapped Civic that'll see regular street use. 
Another track-driven Civic, this one with a Mugen intake that's quite possibly worth more than the engine itself. Not popular in the U.S. at first, following its efforts in Formula One with Honda in the 1980s, Mugen soon became one of the most sought-after brands for Hondaphiles.
Comptech/Paxton Novi S2000 supercharger system.
Over the years, a number of domestic parts manufacturers have attempted to appeal to the Honda masses. Few have done so successfully. Sometime during the late-1990s, Vortech released its B-series supercharger system. Trouble was, pre-2002 Honda engines rotate counter-clockwise, which meant Vortech had to stuff this ridiculous-looking shaft in front of the engine in order to turn the supercharger the right way. Needless to say, you don't see too many of these. 
Honda fans have come a long way over the last couple of decades. AN fittings and high-end hardware are prevalent not just among Civics and Integras like this one that sees track time but also among the show queens. 
High-end anodized-aluminum T-bolt clamps and silicone couplers are now standard-issue in lieu of worm gear clamps three sizes too long straddled around Home Depot rubber hose. 
Another external oil breather tank plumbed with black-anodized plumbing and braided-nylon hose. 

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