The Eibach Meet: A Non-Honda-Lover’s Guide


External oil breather tanks like these are par for the course for today's Honda street cars. Although the factory breather system is sufficient well into the 300whp range, there's no harm in a naturally aspirated setup like this releasing as much crankcase pressure as possible. 
Modern engine management systems allow individual throttle bodies to be used on daily driven setups with nary a hiccup. 
Another K-swapped Integra, this one with a Japanese-spec front-end conversion and custom front air splitter. 
More attention to detail, like AN fittings and braided-nylon hose, a custom dimple-died spark plug cover, and a three-point shock tower brace. The intake manifold plenum has also been cut open to allow for significant porting. 
Digital displays like these that replace the factory gauge cluster are also somewhat common. 
If you hate Hondas, there's a good chance that this is why. 
On behalf of Honda owners everywhere, I apologize. 
B-series VTEC engine with individual throttle bodies. 

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