The Eibach Meet: A Non-Honda-Lover’s Guide


Longtime Honda engine and suspension parts manufacturer Buddy Club and its line of adjustable front and rear camber kits. Buddy Club's front kit replaces the upper wishbone and uses an integrated ball joint that's able to slide back and forth for positive and negative adjustments.
An homage to Japanese tuning firm JUN. 
You're not likely to see CRXs in this kind of condition nowadays. One in this shape—even without its modifications—could easily sell for nearly twice what it cost brand new more than two decades ago. The same can be said of its Mugen wheels, which were never really easy to source, but are much more sough-after and costly today. 
Honda drag racing pioneer and founder of one of the first companies to produce Honda-specific turbo systems, Myles Bautista. 
Bautista founded Rev Hard Manufacturing during the early 1990s at which time he developed the first cast-iron, log-style exhaust manifolds that were later…you guessed it…copied. 
Examples of both generations of the NSX. 
A twin-screw Whipple Charger supercharger system fitted to the first-generation NSX's 3.0L C-series engine. The later-model's six-speed gearbox replaces the factory five-speed version on this particular model. 
Aside from Jackson Racing, CT Engineering—formerly Comptech—is the other major Honda and Acura supercharger player, although CT Engineering relies on Eaton-based systems. 

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