The Eibach Meet: A Non-Honda-Lover’s Guide


Today, Jackson Racing kits are based off of Rotrex traction-driven superchargers that, when compared to other types of superchargers, are more compact, have much higher adiabatic efficiencies, and yield far less noise. Inside they feature a traction-drive system that makes power through frictional forces developed through a series of rolling elements. In short, all of this means that torque's on tap all the time.
Among the handful of kits that Jackson Racing currently offers is its Honda CR-Z system that fully integrates with the car's hybrid powertrain. Although Jackson Racing currently only offers kits for the CR-Z and 2006-2011 non-Si Civic, other systems are in development. Right about now you might be wondering about Jackson's older Civic, Integra, and Mazda Miata systems. Prior to re-founding Jackson Racing in 2012, Jackson licensed all of the company's older, Eaton-based kits to parts distributor Moss Motors.
Engine wiring harness firm Rywire's own fully restored third-generation Civic complete with a B-series engine swap.
Kinsler individual throttle bodies, a direct-fire ignition system that replaces the factory distributor, and a custom engine wiring harness are just a few of the customizations Rywire owner Ryan Basseri made. 
Rywire remains the undisputed leader when it comes to Honda and Acura engine wiring harnesses although the company works on and produces harnesses for a variety of makes. 
Standard-issue on what's considered to be a well-rounded Honda are quick-disconnect wiring harness adapters that eliminate what can be as many as eight factory connectors, depending on the car. 
For many, Honda-issued hardware is no longer good enough. Polished socket-head screws and anodized washers are customary. As a matter of fact, entire companies exist just to fulfill the needs of those seeking beautified hardware.
Lisa and Gary Kubo helped shape the Honda drag racing scene during the mid-1990s with their fifth-generation Civic hatchback. Although the couple remains on a hiatus from racing their own car, according to the Kubos, the nine-second hatchback remains in a preserved state and may very well appear again one day. 


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