The Fabulous Flog: A Look Inside Dai Yoshihara’s Falken Tire Subaru BRZ


The interior of the car is typical clean SPD construction with an all inclusive cage tying the unibody together as much as allowed by the rules.  A Sparco EVO seat is used for the Formula D required passenger seat  while a Pro ADV is used for the driver due to its head protection.  Sparco 6-point HANS compatible harnesses are used. 
The stock dash shell is used as all cars must have a dash that resembles the factory part by the rules. A Nardi quick release steering wheel is used with an SPD fabricated adjustable steering column. 
Dai greatly prefers the Nardi Classic steering wheel and has it on most of the cars he drives.  A Motec  SDL3 data logging dash is used with warning lights.
The car has a dry carbon roof skin to get the weight lower.  Switching duties are handled through a Motec switch panel.  The dial is a map selector switch.   The power is adjustable through 18 levels with zero at about 650 hp and each level being about another 80-100 hp.  The dial has not been used past map 3 yet.
The center dash panel control the driver's cool suit and air supply.  The driver is fed a stream of cool filtered air to the helmet.  The port to the far right is the data port.
The ice box and pump for the cool suit and air supply go here.  The blower forces cold air through a filter then through a heat exchanger buried in ice.  Cold water from the ice box is circulated through the driver's suit.

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