The Fabulous Flog: A Look Inside Dai Yoshihara’s Falken Tire Subaru BRZ


The BRZ has a rear mounted radiator to help with weight distribution, offsetting the super heavy turbo as well as to free up a lot of valuable front end space.  The radiator requires a lot of log plumbing going the entire length of the car, plenty of places for air to hide.  Thus the car has many bleed ports and air trapping surge tanks along the way.  You can see a surge tank and two bleed ports here which is the highest point of the cooling system.   The pipes were routed so the bleeds could be mounted up high. 
A Powermaster XS Torque gear reduction started provides the oomph to turn the big engine over in a compact package. 
A big turbo engine requires a huge exhaust system.  FD rules requires the exhaust to exit to the rear of the car.  The issues that putting a huge 5″ exhaust through a car make are huge.  Especially when considering space and ground clearance.  Look at the size of the downpipe and look how tight the fit is under the car.   Huge stainless tubing for the exhaust was provided by Burns Stainless. 
The downpipe transitions from round to oval to gain ground clearance under the car.  Not an easy feat.  A Burns transition was cut up and fitted to make the transition. 
Once past the transmission the exhaust transitions back to round.  While underneath the nose of the car you can see the tubular structure that supports the front of the car, the centrally located power steering cooler and the front splitter.  The splitter actually makes a pretty big difference on high speed tracks like Seattle and Irwindale. 
The size of the exhaust is pretty mind boggling. 

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