The Fabulous Flog: A Look Inside Dai Yoshihara’s Falken Tire Subaru BRZ


This dried gourd decoration thing was taken from a hotel lobby flower arrangement and turned into the car's good luck mascot.  I guess it looks like someone.
The car has a double floor under the passenger area leading to the oven which contains the large fuel lines, the oil lines and the lines for the rear mounted radiator as well as the Mil spec rear harness.   The lines are protected inside the car and the double floor protects the driver in case of a catastrophic accident. 
The fire system and radio are crammed into a small space behind the driver's seat and in front of the oven. 
The Falken team has suffered from a combination of bad luck and new car blues that have regulated the team to be non points contenders for the 2014 season.  At the Long Beach round the new and untested car ran fairly well but car and driver did not have much time together and Dai was unfortunately paired with the on fire Chris Forsberg resulting in a Top 32 elimination.  A seemingly minor accident in pre Top 32 practice in Atlanta resulted in a no start.  An unusual freak cam bearing failure resulted in another non start in the Miami round.  The car started to come into its own at New Jersey and Dai was a contender there and in Seattle.  As this is written the team is preparing for Texas and the car has undergone more suspension development and should really be competitive. 
In Atlanta the team was experimenting with a lot of different set ups which was compounded by bad weather.  It was a pretty wild event with an unfortunate result, a minor looking Top 32 practice accident resulted in severe damage that could not be fixed in time to make the event.
The BRZ does some things very well.  With a low polar moment of inertial, low overhangs and a lot of steering angle, the car can run a lot of angle without spinning.  With lots of power and a wide powerband the car is still pretty forgiving with a tight fast chassis set up.  The new car is better than the retired S13 ever was.

With a class leading motor, excellent construction and a well purposed layout with a coming together suspension, we predict that Dai and the Falken BRZ will be strong for the last two rounds of the 2014 season as the car's development becomes finalized.

Some important lessons are; even the best teams can struggle with an all new car but a good team can regroup and testing is very important.  We have seen some teams take several seasons to get a new platform figured out and many who never could get a new car debugged and competitive. 

The beast will be unleashed soon we hope.


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