Upgraded NX: Breaking 10!


That's an O2 Induction Manifold that allows for great air flow into the head. The fuel rail holds 2200cc 50 Motorsport injectors – because 96 lb injectors didn't work! With the goal of over 700 WHP, Carlos worked with Paulo Ayeras at AES Automotive in Burnaby, B.C. This Nissan is a veritable museum piece of now impossible to obtain Nissan parts! With ownership of the car going back to 1997, Carlos has been collecting parts for this ultimate build for years. The valve cover, for example, came from Greg at GSpec. He is a very patient man – and it's going to pay off!

While in the autocross stage Carlos was bitten by the modification bug. Strut tower bars and a better flowing exhaust.  Then an AEBS header for his SR20DE gave him the first taste of power. A few strategically placed NISMO stickers did the rest! Of course, adding some JWT S4 cams really brought the car to life. To facilitate shifting, a B&M shifter was installed. Carlos first serious attempts at drag racing were with an SR20DET U13 version with a T25 turbo installed in the engine bay. It ran out of breath at 7000 RPM. Staying with the same engine, the S4 cams were installed along with a GTi-R turbo. This combination produced 316 whp at 14 lbs. Next was a GT3071R that gave 350 WHP at 16 pounds. I laughed when Carlos commented that this was 'enjoyable'! The man is obviously hungry for power because next up was 28 lbs of boost and unknown horsepower. Crazy horsepower that produced too much wheelspin on the dyno to get any numbers – but at the track he got a 12.0 at 123 mph. However, no matter how many parts he added to the car after ordering from Greg at GSpec.com, he couldn't break into the 11s. That U13 was running 750cc injectors and was on all stock internals. He went through a few head gaskets – due to the high boost pressure – during this phase.


A Custom Steel fuel rail holds the 2200cc injectors. You also get a perfect view of the welds on the O2 Induction manifold. It is mated to the OEM intake. If you look under the fuel rail, you will see the horizontal welds just behind the injectors. The O2 intake – above the welds – was mated to the stock intake runners – below the welds. This is then bolted to the head.    
The NX2000 now has a 20V SR20VE-T in the engine bay. Carlos has had this engine, a SR20VE blacktop, naturally aspirated version, since 1999. Now is the time for it to be installed and put to use. The exhaust manifold was custom built by AES Automotive. This custom piece is built for a twin scroll, twin gate turbo. Paulo built the collector too.

After pushing the U13 engine to the limit, Carlos was ready to start working on the SR20VE that had been stored in a corner of his shop. Working with renowned SR20 engine builder Mazworx, Carlos now has a sleeved 2.2 litre block and a head that has been ported, polished, with upgraded/oversized valves and upgraded springs. Knowing that the VE engine would not stay naturally aspirated, Pauter rods and 90mm CP pistons were installed. The crank was knife edged and balanced at AES Automotive. AES built the exhaust manifold, the exhaust, and a ton of other components on this car. Vibrant Performance parts are used exclusively on the exhaust piping, intercooler piping, and intake.


The head came from Mazworx – 1/2″ studs hold it to the block. Mazworx' 90mm headgasket is used. The valve train is Supertech everything – oversized intake and exhaust. Supertech springs. It's ready for some high RMP runs. Pic courtesy of AES Auto.
This isn't the NX, but Carlos is sharing the paddock with Paulo Ayeras from AES Auto. This day Paulo took home the honours as he ran an 11.2 second quarter in his daily driven Civic. Read more about the AES Civic on page 4 of Mission Raceway. The Nissan is not going to allow that to stand for very long!


    1. Hi Chris,
      At the time of this article (about 7 years ago) Carlos was running a Back then was running the P11 transmission with the clutchmasters twin disk. Since then Carlos worked with AES Auto (Burnaby, Canada) and Mazworx to develop the Nissan/Honda K adaptor so the car has a K transmission now. Life has kept Carlos busy and it hasn’t been to the track in quite some time, but I’m sure it will be out again … soon!

      1. I am building a nissan 100nx drag racing project with SR20det fitted with k20 gearbox. However, i have an issue on which drive shafts to use. Can you guide me accordingly? I need to know who sells or manufactures the driveshafts (from k20 gearbox to 100nx knuckles).

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