Upgraded NX: Breaking 10!


The SR20VE has Nissan's VVL technology that provides two cam lobes, hydraulically operated, for better performance. Currently Carlos is running stock cams, but Kelford 184C cams will be installed when the engine is broken in. The block is a 2.2 litre with quite a bit of work done to it and Carlos has a spare 2.2 block as a back up. Then he has a VET block as a back up for the back up. The crank was knife edged and balanced by AES. ACL bearings support the bottom end. All of the oil passages are champhered for better flow and all passages have been cleaned up. A lot of time was spent on the block improving over the factory – if you have ever had your engine apart there will be lots of seams from the original casting which, while may not impede a stock engine, can be a disruption when you're going for power. An N1 oil pump has also been put into use.


Cold side intercooler piping is 4″ Vibrant components. Fabrication done by Paulo at AES. Vibrant VanJenn clamps hold the pieces together. The throttle body is an Accufab 90 mm Ford Cobra unit. The transmission is from a P11 Infiniti and it's all stock – except for the brand new NISMO LSD which he purchased from Greg at GSpec ages ago. It was the last one Greg was able to obtain. And look at that custom AES oil overflow tank.
The boost level will be in the 35PSI range once the car is broken in. When I saw it at Mission Raceway, it was running 15psi and was still impressive. Forced induction is created with a BorgWarner S366 turbo. The rear wheel has been clipped. This is an old school process which will allow the big exhaust wheel to spool quickly. It is done by clipping a bit of material off of the back of the exhaust wheel.
This has been a two year build. It only left AES Auto for alignment and paint. When I saw it at Mission Raceway Park on July 10 that was it's first time out. Talking with Paulo about this stripped to the shell build, he was very pleased with the evening, noting that “Nothing broke, car communicated well. Now to make the adjustments to make the next 2.5 seconds.  The car weighs 2300 lbs, aiming for 2150. Drag racing is managing the power – we'll aim for about 600 whp to hit the 9 second mark. Carlos is consistent with his driving.” 
You may have noticed this in earlier pictures. The bell intake is right behind what used to be the right hand signal light opening. Wide open to suck air in. The piping could not be any shorter.
Short piping! The turbo is mounted in the location usually occupied by the alternator. Pic by AES Auto. 


    1. Hi Chris,
      At the time of this article (about 7 years ago) Carlos was running a Back then was running the P11 transmission with the clutchmasters twin disk. Since then Carlos worked with AES Auto (Burnaby, Canada) and Mazworx to develop the Nissan/Honda K adaptor so the car has a K transmission now. Life has kept Carlos busy and it hasn’t been to the track in quite some time, but I’m sure it will be out again … soon!

      1. I am building a nissan 100nx drag racing project with SR20det fitted with k20 gearbox. However, i have an issue on which drive shafts to use. Can you guide me accordingly? I need to know who sells or manufactures the driveshafts (from k20 gearbox to 100nx knuckles).

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