Upgraded NX: Breaking 10!


Vibrant intercooler core, Vibrant piping, Vibrant VanJen clamps – great Canadian parts for a great Canadian car! Pic by AES Auto. 
The huge Vibrant intercooler core features end tanks and piping custom fabricated by Paulo. Behind the intercooler is a Mishimoto half rad, designed for a Honda that was modified to work in the NX2000.
I want one! NISsport made a lot of unique parts that I wished I had purchased, but I didn't even know they made a quick disconnect steering wheel setup. Of course, Carlos has one. If you've got one, let me know! In the background is the RacePak IQ3 dash – which provides absolutely everything required to monitor the engine from a shift light to air/fuel ratios to temperature to mph.
GSpec Performance lightweight pulleys are almost mandatory for your SR build.
If you're an SR enthusiast you'll recognize that something is wrong. Wrong isn't accurate, something is simply not where it is supposed to be. The alternator is mounted 'BEHIND' the engine and under the oil filter. That provides more room for the turbo up front, and is thanks to the creativity of SR guru Andreas Mikoleiczik.
Here's a Mazworx' adaptor for the rad hoses on the block. Not something you will see every day.


    1. Hi Chris,
      At the time of this article (about 7 years ago) Carlos was running a Back then was running the P11 transmission with the clutchmasters twin disk. Since then Carlos worked with AES Auto (Burnaby, Canada) and Mazworx to develop the Nissan/Honda K adaptor so the car has a K transmission now. Life has kept Carlos busy and it hasn’t been to the track in quite some time, but I’m sure it will be out again … soon!

      1. I am building a nissan 100nx drag racing project with SR20det fitted with k20 gearbox. However, i have an issue on which drive shafts to use. Can you guide me accordingly? I need to know who sells or manufactures the driveshafts (from k20 gearbox to 100nx knuckles).

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