Upgraded NX: Breaking 10!


I just love the look of this exhaust. It's not enough to call it a side exit; it's a front nose side exit!
This car has to be the sickest NX in North America!
It's smoking hot!
If you're like me, time cannot pass by quickly enough until Carlos and his Upgraded NX are back out on the dragstrip again. It will not be long until the car is dialed in and, I believe, he will be breaking 10!

It is hard to say if ten will be broken in the next few weeks, later this summer, or perhaps in the more distant future. It is easy to say that this is an ultimate Nissan NX2000 build with quality parts throughout. From the body to the brakes, the engine to the suspension, virtually no part has been left untouched. That the gas pedal and rear brakes are still stock simply means that Carlos has not found something better that will improve the car's performance – or they would be gone. Following Carlos on the forum for over ten years has been inspiring. Meeting him and, in the words of another NX owner James McColl, compressing years of conversation into minutes, was enjoyable. Now we can sit back, let Carlos do some more fine tuning, and wait for the word that ten has been broken.



AES Auto

GSpec Performance

Big Boost Performance

Belak Wheels

Vibrant Performance




Thanks to:

Dave Singh, Jose Beltre, and Andreas 'Miko' Mikoleiczik



    1. Hi Chris,
      At the time of this article (about 7 years ago) Carlos was running a Back then was running the P11 transmission with the clutchmasters twin disk. Since then Carlos worked with AES Auto (Burnaby, Canada) and Mazworx to develop the Nissan/Honda K adaptor so the car has a K transmission now. Life has kept Carlos busy and it hasn’t been to the track in quite some time, but I’m sure it will be out again … soon!

      1. I am building a nissan 100nx drag racing project with SR20det fitted with k20 gearbox. However, i have an issue on which drive shafts to use. Can you guide me accordingly? I need to know who sells or manufactures the driveshafts (from k20 gearbox to 100nx knuckles).

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