A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell’s Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14


The Magnuson supercharger and Dailey Engineering dry sump system are driven by a custom Wegner Motorsports billet drive system.

Having bulletproof accessory drives is critical for reliability when using a dry sump and since a big blower can take more than 100 hp to spin, having strong and stiff parts really helps reliability and can even take a lot of stress off the crank.  

Interestingly, the car uses both a mechanical belt driven water pump and an electrical one in the back of the car. An ATI harmonic balancer is back there somewhere.


Injector Dynamics 1700cc min stainless ethanol rated injectors are used to reliably spray the Ignite Red E98 ethanol race fuel.  

Ethanol is very hard on injectors and it's important to use stainless bodied injectors to prevent corrosion.  The supercharger manifold is mounted on a thick phenolic spacer to keep the heat out of the manifold and water to air intercooler brick.

Chase Bays built the beautiful Mil-spec harness for Alec's car and did all of the body wiring. 
This huge front mounted heat exchanger is for the water to air intercooler.

The cooler is 5X bigger than the one used on our Project Tundra!  The radiator is mounted in the back of the car for better weight distribution as is becoming standard practice for the modern pro drift car.

A hand-fabricated 4″ stainless exhaust directs combustion gasses to the back of the car.  It's been thermal wrapped to help control heat. 
Engine cooling is handled by this huge rear mounted C&R NASCAR TIG welded aluminum radiator.

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