A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell’s Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14


The remote reservoirs for the Stance XR3 3-Way shocks have a floating gas piston to keep the gas separate from the fluid.  

The top of the reservoirs have the adjusters for the high and low-speed compression damping.

The Wisefab upper mounts move the strut pivot point outward and forward to prevent the caster from building up to an unmanageable level at really high steering angles.

This also allows for a really wide track width to make room for all the steering angle that the Wisefab system is capable of.  Check out some of the neat dimple-die gussets that Get Nuts Lab are known for in their builds.

Another feature that is unusual is the use of front wheel tubs.  Most builders just leave the front of the car open but GET Nutz tubs the front wheel wells for tire clearance.  This leads to a stiffer front end as well.  
The car uses a PSC Motorsports power steering pump.  PSC is big in the world of circle track and off-road racing. The pump output can be fine-tuned through variable orifice sizes.  

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