A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell’s Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14


The brake system used twin 4-piston Wilwood Pro Lite calipers on the rear with a Wilwood hat and sprint car solid rotor.  

The braking system is light weight.  One set of calipers is activated by the brake pedal while another one is operated by a driver controlled lever as a turning or drift brake.

The front Wilwood brakes use a Pro Lite six-piston caliper and solid sprint car rotors on Wilwood hats.  

Drifting doesn't require a lot of super hard braking from high to low speeds so light weight rotors can be used depending on the driver's style.

Nameless Performance made the lever and hydraulic setup for the drift brake. 
A Wilwood pedal box and balance bar control the brake bias with dual master cylinders, one for the front brakes and another for the rear. The balance bar ensures 100% manual control of the brake bias curve, unlike hydraulic proportioning valves. 
Alec's office has a Grip Royale tiller mounted on a Woodward collapsible racing steering column, a carbon dash and a Long shifter that he uses to row the G-Force GSR transmission. 
The Woodward steering column has a quick release hub for the Grip Royale steering wheel.

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