A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell’s Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14


A CVR Extreme electric water pump helps move the water from the engine to the rear mounted radiator. 

The pump flows 55 gallons per minute.  It is used in conjunction with the stock LS mechanical water pump.  This seems like a lot to us!

This is an oil to water heat exchanger that serves as an oil cooler leaving room up front.  It also helps remove air from the coolant as well by acting as a surge tank.
Huge Spal electric fans move all the cooling air through the radiator. 
A 10 gallon exotic fuels rated Fuel Safe fuel cell is used.

A really cool feature is the built in Radium Engineering FCST integrated surge tank/fuel system. The FCST system features an internal fuel surge tank with a low pressure, high volume lift pump that keeps the smaller surge tank full at all times. The surge tank contains 3 Walbro F90000274 high volume ethanol rated high-pressure pumps that keep the engine fed. 

The FCST system is simple, lightweight, clean and ensures the engine will never starve for fuel no matter how large the lateral and longitudinal g-forces are.


The aluminum enclosure for the Fuel Safe fuel cell under the car is by the rear jacking point. 
This is the breather tank  for the cooling system and a quick fill reservoir for the Winters Quick Change rear end. This greatly speeds up the time it takes to switch gear ratios over. 

You can see the pillow ball mount and the rebound adjuster for the Stance XR3 3-way adjustable rear shock as well. 

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