A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell’s Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14


The car's interior sports Racetech FIA approved seats with the driver's seat sporting head protectors.  

The roll cage is constructed of 4130 chromoly tubing with Get Nuts' signature dimple die gussets coupling the cage to the unibody in many places.  This significantly strengthens the car and the body structure improving the safety and stiffness of the chassis. We have been quite enamored of Get Nuts construction quality and attention to detail as of late.  Their cars work as well as they are good looking.


The fire system is an electrically activated AFFE (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) SPA Techniques part. AFFE is environmentally safe and works really well as an extinguishing agent. It stays put and forms a non-flammable film on parts shutting off a fire's oxygen. 
A Pro EFI color CAN dash display keeps Alec informed with what the engine is up to with its large and easy to read display screen. The display can be custom configured in many different ways to suit the channels that need to be driver monitored.

The dash display is linked to a Pro EFI 128 ECU.  The Pro EFI 128 is a highly capable and flexible control system that can be configured to control a lot of things and log a lot of data channels. The ECU can be configured to recognize different crank sensor waveforms as well as having infinitely scaleable MAF and MAP tables.  The ECU is also capable of controlling high voltage stepper motors so drive by wire control is possible. 

You can see a better view of the lightweight and safe Woodward steering column.  The column will collapse in a serious accident and not impale the driver.  It is also much lighter than the OEM steering column.


The dash switches have pretty interesting functions.  

The team must have some interesting technology to make some of those functions happen.

The vented battery box is solidly mounted to the chassis and passes tech easily. 
This is the electronic control unit for the SPA Techniques fire system. It can be manually operated or automatically deploy if it detects a hard crash. You can get a look at some of the clean gusset work close up here!

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