A Look Inside Alec Hohnadell’s Get Nuts Lab Nissan S14


Here is the rear two piece bash bar which is a good idea because it is rare to mess up both rear corners of the car and it is a lot easier and cheaper to replace just one corner!

Like Forrest Wang's car, Alex's car is built with a lot of weight in the rear for a high rear polar moment of inertia. This helps the car swing wide and to easily develop a lot of angle.

A Winters quick-change rear end with a 10.5″ ring gear and a spool differential is used. 

The Winters rear end is useful as the car can be geared for each course to minimize shifts and to fine tune wheel speed.  With today's, high power drift cars, wheel speed management is becoming important as the tires by the rules must last two laps without being changed. If the wheel speed was ignored tire wear could be too severe for a car to make two laps!

The Winters rear end is also exceedingly strong and typically trouble free.

A beautiful Wisefab rear suspension is used. Look at all of that machining to minimize weight!

A Whiteline adjustable rear anti-sway bar is used.  The subframe pick-up points are not altered. The subframe uses solid aluminum bushings to attach to the chassis. 

Driveshaft Shop 300M rear axles with 930 style CV joints are just about unbreakable. If you look close you can see the Driveshaft Shop carbon driveshaft.  The shaft helps cushion driveline shock, is safer and is much lighter, reducing rotating mass for better throttle response and acceleration.

Stance remote reservoir XR3 3-way adjustable shocks are used in the rear  with a Swift 5 or 6 kg rear spring.  
To get massive steering angle, a Wisefab front suspension system is used.  

Like the rear, the Wisefab front suspension has intricate CNC machining.  Looking at how well the tie rods line up with the arm pivots, you can see that there is close to zero bump steer.  Even at the low ride height of the car the roll center location is still good.  

The tie rod and the outer pivot spherical bearings are in double shear and there is a built in steering stop.  No front anti-sway bar is used.

A Stance XR3 3-way adjustable remote-reservoir monotube gas front MacPherson strut is used. 

3-Way adjustable shocks are the norm in pro drifting nowadays and suspension tuning is critical to be competitive.  9KG Swift springs are used in the front. 

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