All German Kansas City Car Show



The Porsche group was very well organized at the event, and this is a section I wanted to spend some time in…

…and primarily for this beast.  If I had the money, I can’t decide whether I’d buy a 964 3.6-liter turbo, which was the last of the single-turbo rear-wheel drives (and the intro to the big red brakes), or this 993 3.6-liter twin turbo, which was the last of the air-cooled 911s and the first of the all-wheel drives.  The 993 just looks so sweet.

There's actually a guy in town I know that has converted his 964 3.6 Turbo to all-wheel drive to get the best of both worlds–the styling of the 964 with the all-wheel drive performance for off-the-line rips.  As I write this, I just realized something, and that is that while I’ve driven 930, 996 and 997 turbos, both the 964 and 993s have still eluded me.  There’s something to add to the bucket list.


Introduced in 1995, the 993 Turbo was capable of a 12.5-second quarter-mile at 112mph, with its stock 400 bhp and a nasty launch that netted 3.9-seconds to 60mph.  Remember, these are 20-year old, stock-car figures.  I just can’t believe this is a 20-year old car.  It just looks so sweet—oh wait I said that already.  It really makes me appreciate the styling of the near 30-year-old 959, which looks a lot like this.

Plenty of beautiful 911s were on hand, and I wish I could show you all of them.  Here we catch a glimpse of the successful 911 contours.  Yes, Porsche has kept the same, general styling for decades, but this row of cars here looks like it should be separated by 4-5 years, instead of the 20 years between this 993 and that new black 911 at the far end.  I wonder how 20 years of Honda Civics would compare to each other.

Here is another row of you-can't-have-me's.

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