All German Kansas City Car Show



Here is a 1966 Mercedes 250 SEC, which also was impeccable.

It's baffling how clean and scratch-free they're able to keep the black paint.  While the front looked pretty Mercedes-like…

…I’m not sure I would have recognized this a Mercedes if I saw this in front of me on the highway, if it weren't for the easily recognizable Mercedes emblem.

As expected, the interior was spotless as well.  These guys really take good care of their cars.  I was also impressed to see factory water-temp and oil-pressure gauges in the car, as well as a 6000-rpm red line!

This may look like any current-year Mercedes Benz, but wait until you see the details of this new 2015 S550 coupe, stickered at $150,000.

First off, the rear section is gorgeous.  On a quick glance I could have easily mistaken it for a large Porsche sedan.  It’s the lights.

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