All German Kansas City Car Show



It's hard not to notice this rather large, adjustable rear wing.


The 1.6-liter Porsche 356 convertible is always a nice thing to see at car events.  This was Porsche’s first production car and a prequel to the Porsche 911.

Did you know that the first fifty Porsche 356s were produced on the Austrian side of the border by Porsche from 1948-1949?  It wasn’t until 1950 that Porsche started producing its cars in Germany.  The 356 also shared parts from the Volkswagen Beetle, Ferdinand Porsche’s first car assignment—which was to build a “Volkswagen” (which means, “people’s car”). 


The red 356 next to it was just as stunning, and sporting the original equipment that came with the car!

Here’s a look at the engine bay, which shared several components from the then-Volkswagen Beetle also designed by Porsche.

The interior is as inviting as any on a beautiful sunny Sunday.  But too bad it wasn’t sunny.  Our KC weather today was reminiscent of the weather of every car meet I’d attended in Newport Beach while living in Southern California.  “It’s just the marine layer”, I told everyone here.  “It’ll burn off.”  It didn’t, and I was the only numb-skull that wore shorts.

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