All German Kansas City Car Show


For the normally-aspirated track junkies, here’s a 996 GT3, which came with 380bhp pumping from its normally aspirated 3.6-liter, and it weighed only 3000-lbs.

Then the 997 GT3 came out, looking even meaner and powered by a 435bhp 3.8-liter flat-six.  This one is a 997.1.  In the next picture you’ll see the difference in taillights with the 997.2.

And if the GT3 wasn’t cool enough, in 2009 Porsche made sixteen-hundred 3.8-liter GT3 RS models (that's a factory wing, by the way), and six-hundred 4.0-liter GT3 RS-models in 2011.  This one is the 997.2 3.8-liter.  You can tell because the 4.0-liter would otherwise say “GT3 RS 4.0” in the back.  The 3.8 was rated at 450bhp and the 4.0 a whopping 500bhp.

Did you catch that?  500bhp from 4.0 normally-aspirated liters (244 c.i.) of displacement.  That’s 85 more bhp than the E92 BMW M3.  That’s 125bhp/liter, or roughly 100whp/liter, and no turbo.  That. is. awesome.  Now you see why we’re so proud of our Project E46 M3 accomplishing this 100whp/liter feat as well.

The only other cars that accomplish this in stock form that I know of are the Ferrari 430 16M commemorative edition, the Ferrari 458 Italia, and the newly released Lamborghini Huracan.  Of course we could talk about much smaller engines, like those found in the S2000, or even a motorcycle engine, but that’s not that same as getting that kind of rpm out of a six-cylinder and beyond.



The new 911 (designation “991”) Targa 4S, which was just released this year, was also on display.  While I don't ever get that excited about non-turbo or non-GT P-cars, this car is beautiful and very sporty.  And its 3.8-liter is rated at 400bhp in stock trim.


While not publicly announced, a silent competition does go on between the clubs to see which group has the largest representation out there.  So, if you’re in the KC area during October next year, make sure to bring your BMW, Audi, or Mercedes because Porsche kicked everyone's butt this year.  I also heard someone mention of possibility turning this show into an Italian/German car show—that would be pretty cool.

The Porsche crowd had a good showing.  Here we're witnessing them hand out awards to the well-deserving car owners.


That’s it for our 2014 All German Car meet coverage.  Check the local Kansas City German marque club of choice to find out when the next one will be, and we hope to return ourselves!

Also make sure to check out our coverage this year of the “everything goes” type of meet, featuring muscle cars, exotics, and boosted rockets at FAST FRIDAYS!

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