ALMS: Circuit of the Americas 2013


The muscle Milk Honda never looked back.

The Muscle Milk Honda defined it's lead within the first few laps of the race.
The level 5 team had a strong lead since the Patron team had to start at the back of the grid due to a short qualifying run.

Muscle Milk quickly ran off with the lead at the start of the race. They never looked back and finished 2 laps ahead of the Dyson Lola. Muscle Milk is a very competitive team on track and fun in the paddock. Their 2014 plans are currently undecided, but I personally hope they are back in the USCC next year. Level  5 took the first and second spots in P2, and Dane Cameron and Michael Guasch brought the heat in PC, climbing from the back of the pack to the second step on the podium by the end of the race.

This is probably the best angle of the Delta Wing Coupe that debuted. It looked like a Cesna was grafted to the open top version.
The door banging in GTE started early, as the Viper goes to push the Vette wide.

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