ALMS: Circuit of the Americas 2013


Lots of glowing brake rotors into turn 1 after a long race down the front straight.

Everyone pushed through the esses, hoping to build up enough momentum to pass in turns 10 and 11. The Falkenstein here is a 2010 tub with the 2013 front clp and wing. You can see the different aero at the back of the rear fender.

The Risi Ferrari finished a respectable 6th after starting from the back of the grid.

The GTE race was as action packed as they can get. The Corvette/Viper battle continues to heat up, and mixed in with the drop dead gorgeous BMW Z4 GTE.  The lead switched from BMW to Corvette to Viper several times, and continued to the finish. Lap after lap included a drag race down the main straight for a possible opportunity for a pass until everyone tucked in for some follow the leader through the esses. The chase would begin again from turn 10 as the track opened up and presented the nice long run down to turn 12. In the end, the #3 Corvette battled the #56 Z4 for first, with the Viper closing in behind them. On the last lap, the Viper was able to make a pass on the BMW and take the second podium spot. The #3 Corvette went on for its second win of the season. And in GTC, Kevin Buckler’s TRG # 66 entry took their first win for the season.  

This battle went on for the entire race.
And more of the chase.

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