ALMS: Circuit of the Americas 2013


The painted F1 runoffs look great in a panning shot.

The GTEs challenge the PCs down the long front straight.
The #93 Viper fighting back towards the leaders.
The GTE leaders as they take the white flag running down the main straight.
And the Viper taking second from the BMW in turn one of the last lap.

In the next month we should be hearing more about how the USCC prototype class will look. Since the GTLM class will remain untouched, and the USCC P2 cars will still be eligible for Le Mans, it seems very likely that the DP’s will pick up some speed with possible aero improvements, better brakes, and a bump in horsepower. Next year’s prototype class will include the high revving Honda, and well as the grunting DPs, for a much larger and needed premiere class. LMGT will include a lot of new blood as the C7.R and the 991 GTE joins the ranks. With a new USCC on Saturday and the WEC on Sunday, this race weekend at the Circuit of the Americas will be a fan favorite next year.

Will we be seeing you two next year?
Or some version of you?


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