ChumpCar Canada


Why ChumpCar? Why not? There is a strong interest from the racing community. There is great camaraderie among the drivers and teams. Your teammates and competitors become your friends. A part of your extended family.
Perhaps it is the weekend BBQ. Possibly it was because you spent half of the night trying to help the competition get their car back together. The competition and amazing trophies!
All things that happen in every racing organization that I have been a part of, yet very few other groups can offer the seat time or the ease of access that is offered by ChumpCar. For me, that is why ChumpCar.
Your ChumpCar Canada Staff (from Left): Charles Carvalho (Timing & Scoring), Colleen Carvalho (Volunteer Coordinator), Charlotte Carvalho (Executive Staff Calming Expert*), Sal Sanfilippo (Executive Director), Wendy Edwards (Executive Director), and Chris Thompson (Technical Information). *Charlotte is really just a beautiful, little girl. She's not an executive!


CANADIAN TIRE MOTORSPORT PARK (MOSPORT): Double 7 “The Inaugural ChumpCar Canada Event”
Future Events:
June 20-June 21
CALABOGIE MOTORSPORTS PARK: Double 7 “Calabogie-boogie-bash”
August 1-August 2
CASTROL RACEWAY: 24 Hour “Castrol 24 Hour Oil Slick”
August 22-August 23
September 12-September 13
CALABOGIE MOTORSPORTS PARK: Double 7 “Loonie Laps at the Lake”
October 10-October 11


Sources and Partners

ChumpCar Canada

Calabogie Motorsports Park

Wings & Slicks

Bookin' It Bookkeeping Services

OCC Lasik

Perry Performance Competition

Wendy Edwards: Royal LePage Sales Representative

Orangeville Standard Auto Glass

Fix & List It

SPDI Spark

Formula Honda

Bomb Energy Drink

Canadian Tire

Racing Radios International

Star Warning Systems

On the next page is a full listing of the teams and competitors.

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