ChumpCar Canada


Bearing the scars from multiple track battles, the Mopar4Life Neon, powered by the same basic engine that's found in the PT Cruiser, is ready to go out and battle for victory. This team has been running since 2010 and they have learned a great deal. Including how to make a reliable car.
Team Biohazard also bears signs of multiple entries into ChumpCar battle.
While not present on Saturday, relative newcomer to ChumpCar Team McQueen, made sure that everyone knew of it's presence.
They may be family, but Mopar4Life's Neon had no hesitation to push the limits and chase down Mopar4Ever – the fastest road course PT Cruiser I know about.
Observing that, McKibbin's Team BioHazard's MR2 quickly showed Mopar4Ever who owned the track!
Sibling rivalry is often forgotten when a third party is involved, so Mopar4Life is seeking out some revenge.

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