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My buddies from Watkins Glen and Calabogie, the #86 black Miata, were running well. Since my driving suit is red, like everyone on their team, I tried to get some seat time. Didn't work. The hard running Civic from Calabogie Motorsports Park is pushing hard to get by! Calabogie Motorsports Park has to be added to your must drive list of tracks (See ChumpCar: Calabogie Motorsports Park).
I just might have to buy a Miata!
Pictures simply do not do justice to the elevation changes of this track. You're going to have to come and do a track walk. It's an amazing workout!
This GM powered Miata from MT Motorsports was running some pretty good times. This team was out for the first time and they really put up a great fight. On the second day they removed the soft top – which was trying to act like a parachute.
#15 was also out for their first event. I got to chat with these drivers a bit and they were absolutely having a blast. That is what ChumpCar is all about. I look forward to racing against them some day.
Roof nets are mandatory for convertibles. They also will provide you with a checkered suntan on sunny days!
There were a few exotics that arrived in the parking lot – they drew their share of attention.
My friends from Speed Academy in their white Suzuki taking advantage of their car's nimble cornering capabilities.
Just a bit of late braking as the Speed Academy Suzuki tries to gain a spot in the corner – before facing the lengthy, uphill Andretti Straight.
Like all other race organizations, ChumpCar Canada prefers that vehicles travel in the same direction on the track.  Here car #195 had a heart stopping few seconds but stayed right in the middle of the track – fortunately, right beside pit in so they could safely remove themselves from the flow of traffic. The Motorsport Marshaling Services marshals quickly had the yellow flags out to alert oncoming racers of the situation in turn 9 entering turn 10.

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