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This photo is laughably out of focus, but out of almost 3000 photos it's the only pic I have of these three cars together. If you look carefully, you'll see that I've got the distant tire wall set perfectly. I just wasn't ready for these cars at this moment in time! Please look beyond that (but not too far, or you'll just see the tire wall).

Battles are justified, because in addition to bragging rights there are these absolutely amazing sculptures! On Saturday Team Biohazard placed first, Mopar4Life second, and on Sunday Team McQueen #295 placed first with Mopar4Life running second. I apologize for not having the full results with class wins and places, but I didn't have enough hands to write it all down.


Volunteers are crucial for almost every organization you could consider. That is the same for ChumpCar Canada. A unique way of encouraging volunteerism, ChumpChange is an important part of ChumpCar. Obviously, teams that finish on the podium get ChumpChange towards future events. There is a referral program where a team that introduces a new team to the organization gets $200 ChumpChange plus the new team, after their first event, gets $200 ChumpChange.
Colleen (left), Wendy, and BBQ chef – sorry chef, but I'm not sure what your name is! Colleen is the ChumpCar Canada Volunteer Coordinator. From the chef to the finish line flagger to the pit row volunteers – Colleen gets that done. And Pit Row volunteers who spend a full day supporting ChumpCar get $100 towards future events. They also gain invaluable experience because they get to see the behind the scenes and will gain a better understanding of the rules. Certainly something that I can benefit from. Sal was telling me that Thomas from Team Sennasationalism, after being a volunteer, felt that everyone should do this to understand the need for safety.  Having been a volunteer with other organizations and spending time on pit row with ChumpCar, I absolutely agree with this.
BARC rescue and fire teams are hired to support and enhance race safety. They got to do their first hot pulls with ChumpCar and enjoyed the camaraderie they experienced with the organization. (Tom, next time it will be your truck in the pic). Speaking of safety, in a previous article there was a discussion in the comments section about the lack of rear window coverings. At that time, teams were sacrificing safety rather than installing and claiming additional costs associated with the window covering. I drew this discussion to Chris Thompson, our local ChumpCar Tech and, after national discussions, rear window covering is now free. I do not know what order this happened, maybe it was already in process, so I am not going to say MotoIQ readers made that change happen but it certainly had to help! 
Everyone works together when there is an incident to ensure the driver is safe, the other drivers are aware of the incident zone and appropriately cautioned, the track is cleaned up, and the car towed or placed on the flatbed to return to the paddock.


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