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There is nothing like renewing old acquaintances and making new friends. Unfortunately, I was not racing this weekend. There are many reasons behind that, but this gave me the opportunity to be out and about. Exploring the grounds of Mosport as I sought out some interesting camera angles. My good friend and photographer, Richard Wintle, has obtained some intriguing shots from the outside of the Andretti Straight (See A Track/Lapping Day Pictorial). That is a forested section of the track that I had not been to before – because it is a forest and it has looked pretty impassible. So off I went. And on foot it is doable with relatively good hiking paths, but I should have taken more water bottles.  Thanks to the BARC Rescue Crew who, while they did not need to leave their post to rescue me, did provide me with a water bottle and then a ride back the approximately 1.5 miles to the paddock. My gratitude to Tom for his kindness to a weary photographer.


There's nothing like a Suzuki with 90whp tackling the long, uphill back straight! But this little beast will surprise you in the corners!
There was excitement in the paddock and at the tech station as old and new cars were revealed. 
Mopar4Life revealed the second car to their team, Mopar4Ever. This PT Cruiser redefines how I look at what I have always considered a sedate and not too inspiring automobile. It actually looks cool!
Things go better with Coke!
The tailgate and rear wing did not survive the weekend – they will have to be redesigned and manufactured before Calabogie!

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