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E34 Real Racing is one beautiful automobile. It is an E35 5 series with a stock engine, bolt ons are limited to a header and M5 brakes all around. It has camber plates and a short ratio diff with LSD. The livery is inspried by the Ed Arnold BMW M5 IMSA car.
Headers are very tidy in the engine bay!
The interior is spotless. The team apologized that the wiring hadn't been fully wrapped yet, but I was in awe of how tidy it looked. The steering column has been lowered to optimize the driver position, seated in the Momo Corsa carbon kevlar seat. The dash is custom flocked. Stock HVAC and onboard computer allow for a very user friendly car. The rear wing (seen above) is from MA Shaw – hand-made in the USA.
In addition to the M5 brake upgrade the team runs Carbotech XP12 brake pads on the front and XP10 on the rear. Rubber is Hankook Ventus RS-3.
A great view of the middle of turn four down and then up into turn five.
My teammates at No Budget Racing spent huge amounts of time and effort over the winter working on our red Civic, replacing the wiring harness to solve an intermittent electrical  problem. They rebuilt ground wires. Steve replaced so much stuff that it is almost a new car.  But, it did not work so back to the drawing board. This car will be a fast contender – when this issue is finally sorted out. The #8 Polizei was busy chasing down offenders all day. My brother-in-law, Bob, picked it out as a car that was consistently making passes through turns 4 and 5. Unfortunately, on Sunday the Polizei were involved in an incident which shortened the car considerably – and also ended their weekend.

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