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Then there were the clones that looked like they came from the movie screen to CTMP. Seriously, two Nissan 240SX coupes. Team McQueen fielded one red car with a lightning bolt and the other blue with a Dinoco label. I can hardly wait until I meet the man behind the livery. Guillaume Poirier is brilliant with his choices and everyone recognizes them. Not only is he brilliant, he is also three years old!
There were some differences though, that were far more noticeable than just the colour!
The red one had a typical KA24 engine and drivetrain. It was quite respectable at the track.
The blue one started with a roar that shouted 'V8'. On further discussion with the crew, I discovered that it was a 4.0 litre V8 Lexus powered car. Unbelievable. While at the track day on Friday it developed some poor head behaviour. A track side teardown was not sufficient for this beast, so it was hauled back to the shop for more TLC. Sunday it was back in blistering fast form! It won overall on Sunday – lapping everyone in the process and setting the fastest times of the weekend.
As you can see, Lightning still hasn't learned his lesson and the Polizei are in hot pursuit!
What a beautiful day to spend seven hours on the race track. And then prepare for another seven the next morning.
It may look like a Civic with three rear wheels – it's really two cars, a Civic and a Suzuki Swift, jockeying for position.

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