Fast Fridays


Unfortunately, Godzilla might have its snorting flames snuffed out as soon as it caught wind of the Cobra's startling exhaust rumble.  Next to this blown V8 from Detroit we've got two heavy-hitting European grand tourers—the Ferrari 550 Maranello V12 and a V10 BMW M6.  It's quite the mix of cars indeed.


A close-up of the Cobra's ultra clean engine.  


Speaking of Cobras, this Shelby AC Cobra replica was a crowd pleaser.


The Cobra's interior looks mint!


For you crotch rocket fans, plenty of riders roll in and out of Fast Fridays, raising spectators' adrenaline to hair-raising levels with ear-piercing, full-throttle blips and exits. 


An E46 BMW 325i Touring wagon with 5-speed manual is a rare combo, let alone one with 255-mm rubber in all four corners, adjustabale coil-overs, a full engine-back Magnaflow exhaust, and a G-Power supercharger kit. 


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