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While the standard, wingless F360 was known for its spring-compressing aerodynamics due to the trick undercarriage, this CS sports an adjustable wing…


…and a large rear diffuser to boot.  The diffuser channels the air coming from the under-chassis winglets you see just beyond it. 


One of the stars of the show was this recently delivered Ferrari 458 Italia Spider.  It's actually the first of its kind, with a mid-rear engine configuration and a retractable folding hard top to amplify the wail of the 570 bhp 4.8-liter V8 sitting right behind you.  Normally I don't go nuts over a convertible but this thing is drop dead gorgeous, and it reminded me of the feeling I had standing next to an F50 for the first time.


15.7-in carbon Ferrari/Brembo monoblock brakes sitting behind factory single-piece forged 20-in wheels should be enough (to put down on my next mortgage).

The 458's steering wheel houses carbon paddle shifters, suspension- and traction control-tweaking buttons and dials, and sits behind a 10,000-rpm tach (the car peaks its 560 bhp at a wailing 9000 rpm!).
These Maserati GrandTurismos may look the same but they're not quite.   The white one is a standard version while the silver one is an MC, which is short for “Maserati Corsa,” the factory's racing department.  The MC sports 11 more bhp as well as lighter wheels, ducted front fenders, a vented hood, rocker extensions, front and rear bumpers, and lots of carbon trim inside. 


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