Fast Fridays


The unsuspecting wagon's G-Power “SK Basic” supercharger setup is a low boost (4 PSI), non-intercooled option putting down 225 whp with an ASA blower–not bad when you consider it started life at around 155 whp and has 185k miles to boot.


Here you see more of the diversity found at a typical FF event.  The Harleys look menacing.  While I'm not too sure what to say about that other car, for a second I thought it had a corner-weight problem, or it was in the middle of a Bumblebee transformation.


Photo courtesy Chazz Hobson
This Mazda RX7 is slathered in bright candy blue paint with aerodynamics to boot.  “All show and no go?”  Not with a 2780-lb chassis propelled by 550 whp to back up the aggressive appearance!

Even high performance Benz's can be found gracing the show.  Talk about a torque monster, it's scary to think the SL65 will dyno around 540 whp with 700 lb-ft of torque in stock trim, thanks to a V12 twin turbo—and this one is modified with Kleeman goodies, too.
This ‘67-ish looking Mustang was simply stunning to behold.  It sports Weld wheels, a Baer big brake kit, and an engine you could eat off of.


Any clean Toyota Supra turbo deserves a shout-out, and this one is no exception.


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