Fast Fridays


Photo courtesy of Chazz Hobson
Subaru STis and BMW M3s are common at FF events, yet always cool to look at.  Check out those little Midgets behind the Subaru, making it look like the size of an S-class Benz by comparison.


This E36 M3 looked especially nice, and with BBS LM wheels the owner could have done a lot worse. 


A setup looking like this can only mean serious business.  Plus, this car has two packed parachutes sticking out the back.  And yes, it was driven here (I wonder if you can get away with that in California).


Some enthusiasts make it out even though their cars are incomplete.  Unlike living in Kansas, residents in Missouri—which is only 5 minutes away from here—have to, by law,  run a front license plate.  But this one has a front-mount intercooler, so where did his plate go? (+1 for Kansas drivers)


A very clean E92 BMW M3 7-speed DCT with a tasteful body kit, carbon intake, BBS modular wheels hiding Brembo 6-piston brakes, an BMW Motorsport color-themed painted intake manifold and–if you'll notice–painted head light projectors.


The Italian exotics were out in full force.  It's very impressive to think a stock, naturally-aspirated Ferrari 458 churns 100 wheel hp per liter on the dyno rollers.


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