Fast Fridays


This Camaro SS is boosted by a front-mounted Precision 7175 turbo and dyno-tested a whopping E85-induced 996 whp on the stock internals.  I could hear the Ferrari owners say they'd take on the Camaro in the twisties.


While this Z06 is about the cleanest you'll find, it chuckles at the competition with a Nitrous Express direct port system, fully built heads and a plethora of other goodies.

The Chevy LS7 is also reported to make around 600 whp before the bottle—how's that for naturally-aspirated power!


Fess up—this is probably what you thought of when you heard about a car meet in Kansas.  Obviously they've had more fun than baths (the cars, I mean).


A pair of nice supercharged Cobra Mustangs.  The white one is a GT500 with a smaller pulley and grille badge that says “Shelby Cobra GT500 800HP”.


The OP Police Department occasionally strolls through but they usually seem to be cool and don't bother people.


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