Fast Fridays


Not everyone gets to park in the KC Trends parking lot during a FF even but that doesn't mean there isn't a parking spot for everyone.  This is one of several overflow parking areas.  


Photo courtesy Chazz Hobson
As night falls, cars may leave but others will show up and park in their places.


Even if you don't plan to stay, you can take a slow lap on your way back to the farm.


Each FF event is put on by KC Trends, and they take place at its Overland Park location (there's another one a few miles north).   For 20 years KC Trends has been selling a plethora of wheels for cars and trucks, and also performs a lot of ICE installs.


Just another Friday evening cruise in Kansas.  Make sure to check Fast Friday's Facebook page for its schedule and come check it out if you're in the area sometime.  


Special thanks to Chazz Hobson of for letting us use some of his event photos.



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