Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas


Again, mostly a setup day for everyone, it can tend to be far less hectic than Friday and Saturday. You can get some pretty interesting moments you normally wouldn’t!

After taking in the Shelby Museum, I went straight to the track.  The course was still being set up and finialized.
Ryan Sage was discussing some portion of the track to a Las Vegas Motor Speedway employee.  I have to say, it was a little strange being able to be on the track before the competitors were even there.
In case you East Coast or MotoIQ readers have never been to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Formula Drift event takes place in the massive parking lot of “The Strip,” LVMS’ Drag Strip.  In addition there was also a “Back to School Event” scheduled for the weekend.  More on that later!
Food, parts, and other various vendors were starting to set up for the Weekend.  The food was good, but like all track food, it was expensive.
Formula Drift staff were also setting up their banners, signs, and other advertising material along with the competitors.
Team Need for Speed was already set up and had started to unload Vaughn Gittin, Jr.’s Mustang RTR-X.  This was the NOS Energy zone, where the driver autograph session would take place on Friday.
Speaking of Vaughn Gittin, Jr., his 2011 Ford Mustang was being unloaded as I ventured further up the Paddock Area.
This is where I got to see an attempt to better cool the Mustangs in the Las Vegas Heat.  Those carbon fiber scoops lead to ducts in the rear windows to lead outside air to the radiators.
I don’t know how effective they were, as I watched JR drive around the track during Friday’s practice and qualifying with the coolant light lit on the dash.
Jonthan Bradford, Team Manager of Falken Tire, arrived shortly afterward to observe the team as they continued pulling cars off the trailers and setting up the hospitality area.
Soon, Falken Drivers and Crew Chiefs showed up to help out, including Justin T. Pawlak…
Vaughn Gittin, Jr.
Vaughn Gittin, Jr. …
Daijiro Yoshihara
and Daijiro Yoshihara.

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