Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas


I’m not totally sure what had happened, but Scott Dodgion and his son were scraping off excess gasket material off the Daijiro Yoshihara Special Edition wheels.  New gasket had to be applied after they noticed a slow leak by watching the camber change as they were setting up the car for Las Vegas.  The consumer release of these wheels will be forged and not multi-piece.
The Need for Speed crew were busy cleaning the car and preparing it for practice on Thursday.
Steffen Moy
Steffen Moy was also there to wrench on the car and observe the preperations of the car.
As night fell, the Scion Racing rig was finally brought in on the hook.  Not sure what happened to it.
At the end of the night, the Falken Mustang broke and JTP was looking like he would need a ride.  It did come about and late that night, Team Falken brought the SPD maintained Falken S15 for Tyler McQuarrie and JTP would get Tyler McQuarrie’s car.  It was a very unhappy and tough decision for everyone, it was especially hard on JTP even though it would mean he would have a better chance at keeping his championship hopes alive.
Despite the wind, heat, and even the action going on around them, the crews at Falken kept working to make sure everything was up, running, and in top order!

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