Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas


The night time is the right time at Formula Drift Las Vegas! It’s much cooler, so the fans feel better, the drivers drift harder, and night time pictures can be very awesome!

The radar gun was keeping an eye on speeds all weekend.
Daigo Saito
Daigo Saito was at LVMS during the Formula Drift weekend spotting for Robbie Nishida.
Spotters not only watch the action, but when they have time, will Tweet and post on Facebook, as a Chris Forsberg crew member is doing here.  They also would get feeds from the Driftstream, too.
The judges were in constant communication with each other to discuss line, angle, speed, and other factors for the weekend.
Tyler McQuarrie
Even if they were knocked out of eliminations, drivers still watched as the competition continued to heat up!
If you see John Russakoff, Levin isn’t usually too far behind him!  Even he was signing autographs in the Nexen Tire pit along with Taka Aono and…
Cyrus Martinez
the most excitable guy in the Nexen Tire pits, Cyrus Martinez! He would chant “Nexen Tire, Nexen Tire” to get the crowds pumped up and hand out free stuff to them if they chanted along with him.  If you want someone to get your team, company, or just want to be noticed, you can’t go wrong with Cyrus!
Can’t go wrong with Jet Cars…It’s an awesome experience…If you can get on the Starting Line!
Big Foot versus Terminal Velocity
Just before the Formula Drift Finale, Bigfoot and Terminal Velocity faced each other in an 1/8th mile drag race.  It was part of the “Back to School” event that weekend.  Even though Bigfoot was given the start, the drag car caught up at the end with a trap speed of 211 MPH (it’ll do 258 in the whole 1/4 mile)!  Bigfoot can probably do 85 MPH flatout!
I’m pretty sure the trophy girls could appreciate the cooler weather.
Especially the slightly more clothed Need for Speed girls!
In the end, though, the night would close and the podium was announced.  Rhys Millen, Darren McNamara, and Matt Powers each claimed their spots on a hot, hard fought weekend.
Not only were three makes of cars on the podium, but Hankook, Nitto, and Falken were also all represented with the winners!

That was it! It was a fun night for me, that’s for certain. My first venture into Las Vegas was actually very nice and Jeff and Martin made sure I had a good time, too. They showed me a great Vegas adventure and the stuff I got to see around and in the track was second to none! I can only hope that Irwindale will be just as wonderful and bring about the Title Fight that is being promised. With the points for the Top 5 being as close as they are, anything is possible!


See Y’all at Irwindale!

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