Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas


Driver Autograph Sessions are always popular with the fans! You get to see not only some unique items to be signed, but the personalities come out of the drivers for the fans!

Vaughn Gittin, Jr.
The more Vaughn does this face, the more I worry it will stay that way!  Well, it is his look!
Jeff Jones, Dennis Mertzanis, Matt Walden
This is what happens when you sell Jeff Jones a bad Gyro!  Actually, we had video of this and of Fredric Aasbo shooting Steffen with this toy gun, but we lost it.
Toshiki Yoshioka wasn’t sure what to make of the entire situation.
Kyle Mohan
Kyle Mohan didn’t know if he wanted to be involved either!
Falken Tire, Drift Alliance, and Bro-stangs, all in a line!
Alex Lee
The Canadian Rock Star, Alex Lee, showing off his aviator shades!
Jim Guthrie

Jim Guthrie, former IRL driver, has really taken a liking to the relaxed atmosphere of Formula Drift.

Tony Brakohiapa
Tony Brakohiapa also made an apperence at Formula Drift Las Vegas.  We will hopefully see him again at Irwindale.
This kid had more hero cards than he knew what to do with!  That is also the great thing to watch, the younger fans and their reaction to seeing their drifting heroes in real life.
One of the Better uses of used up tires, get the drivers to sign them!
Daijiro Yoshihara is still taking donations for Japanese Relief efforts. Fans were encouraged to donate what they could afford to give.


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