Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas


Soon, more and more crews and drivers showed up for Thursday. I ventured toward the back where the rest of the teams were already setup and mostly hanging out after a hard day’s work!

Samuel Hubinette had everything setup and had this mean looking Dodge Charger sitting on display along with the Viper and Challenger.
Nikolay Konstantinov
While he didn’t get a chance to debut at Seattle, Nikolay Konstantinov was at Las Vegas to debut his 240SX with a LS-powered V8 engine instead of the RB-engine he had last year.  Fueling problems plagued him here in the Vegas heat.
Kyle Pollard
Kyle Pollard showed up with his SR-powered S13, but his car was also plagued with running issues.
Jim Guthrie
Jim Guthrie showed up with a far better setup car.  He looked far more comfortable in the car, but did make a hard impact into the wall during Friday practice.
Matt Field
Neon Yellow, how can you miss Matt Field?  Any brighter and your retinas would burn out!
Pat Mordaunt
Although he took a hard rear impact in the wall at Seattle, Patrick Mordaunt was able to get the car repaired for Las Vegas.


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