Formula D Behind the Scenes: Round Six Las Vegas


Finally, after getting back to my overnight hotel at the Golden Nugget, I fell asleep, for a little while. At 2:30am I made it to my room, then the celing started to leak at 5am. Not happy, I call room service and they put me in another room. The guys at Falken, on the other hand, were still awake as they had a local morning show to be ready for. I heard they never got any sleep until around 8am.

Insane Speed
On Friday morning, I was able to get a quick shop tour of Insane Speed. These guys are also now behind working on the Otto Graven 350Z.
Insane Speed
These guys build cars ranging from that Lamborghinis to Mitsubishis to even a Buick Grand National!
They even had this “Shoe Box” Chevy on display!
Fox Body Mustangs, Supras, Evolutions, from Road Racing and Time Attack, to Drag Racing, to now Drifting, Insane Speed have their hands on everything with wheels!
Otto Graven not only has a great personality, but is also very hands on when it comes to even his C6.R Powered 350Z.  Not only was he working on the car here, but he was also fiberglassing the front end back together after a suspension failure on Wednesday.
Owner of Insane Speed, Todd and mechanic Mikey are two of the guys involved in these cars.  Their goal for next year, on top of getting Otto’s car up to shape, is to have the first time attack car in the 200 MPH range. From what they told me, they’ve had a trap speed of around 175 MPH. They are also looking at the first Evolution in the 9 second bracket and capable of Time Attack racing, too.
Also out drifting during the half-time break was this amazing Freightliner truck. This truck has competed in the Mt. Washington Auto Road, Pikes Peak, and several different other exhibition events.
Custom Michelins or not, he put on a display of Semi-Truck Drifting I don’t think many others could.  New Formula Drift Semi-Truck Class?  I’d watch it! I still think there should be a different class for Pickups, too, so I guess you can take my opinion as far as that, an opinion.
No, that isn’t the starter! That larger thing under it is the starter!
Massive King Dampers keep this truck in line!


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