Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab! Nissan S15 Drift Car


The cylinder head uses Brian Crower 2mm oversize valves with Brian Crower valve springs and titanium retainers.  Brian Crower 272 cams are used.  The head is mildly ported to match the bigger valves.

On the ignition side an HKS Twin Power CDI fires OEM Supra coils that send the spark to NGK BKR7ES plugs.  A Pro EFI ignitor is used. The head is held down with high strength ARP studs.


Since drift cars have to deal with tons of heat soak after they are pushed hard then idle while judges decide who advances or does a one more time, underhood heat control is critical.  This means plenty of thermal wrap, turbo blankets and gold kapton insulation tape is used to prevent heat damage.
The big 2JZ is fed pressurized air by a beautiful large plenum Sleeper Designs of Las Vegas intake manifold.  It is CNC machined from 6061 billet aluminum. The intake runners have machined in velocity stacks at the ends. The Get Nutz Lab logo machined into the plenum is a cool touch!
1650cc Fuel Injector Clinic injectors are fed Ignite Red ethanol race fuel by a Sleeper Design dash 8 dual feed fuel rail.  This engine won’t starve for fuel.
A Magnafuel pressure regulator is boost referenced and has an on rail fuel pressure gauge for easy tuning.
Brian Crower adjustable timing gears are used to tune the 2JZ’s cam timing.   Some variations of the team’s engines have VVTI adjustable intake cam timing but not this particular engine.

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