Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab! Nissan S15 Drift Car


The car’s electronics preside on a firewall mounted plate just above the passenger side footwell.
The engine control for the 2JZ is handled by an AEM Series 2 ECU.
Spark amplification is performed by an adjustable impedance HKS Twin Power.
The 4 speed dog box G-Force GSR transmission is shifted by a Long Shifter.  The power is sent to the transmission via a Clutch Masters low inertia twin disc 8.25″ clutch on a lightweight Clutch Masters flywheel.
Sabelt FIA approved seats are fitted with Takata racing harnesses.
An ASD drift brake assembly activates an independent set of Willwood calipers in the back of the car.  A small hand held fire extinguisher supplements the on board fire system.

The red knob by the fire extinguisher is for the brake bias.  The balance bar for the dual master cylinders provides linear bias but the proportioning valve affects the high pressure part of the bias curve or knee point.  This can help braking as weight transfers.

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