Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab! Nissan S15 Drift Car


This huge surge tank ensures the thirsty 2JZ will not starve for fuel no matter how hard things might slosh in the ATL fuel cell.
Power steering assist is provided by this MR2 electric power steering pump.  The power steering pump is mounted in the rear bay of the car and really cleans up the front of the engine.
There is an easy to reach fuse block for the power steering pump, the radiator fans, water pump and the fuel pumps on the bulkhead as well.  The fuse block is protected by a large circuit breaker.
A CVR Proflow Extreme water pump helps keep the water flowing on its long path to the engine. The pump can flow 55 gallons per minute!
Although the current trend in drift car construction is to leave the front wheel wells open for maximum clearance, Get Nutz Labs has fabricated these beautiful front wheel tubs.  Front tubs were in vogue a few years ago but not common now.  I think the front end is stiffer with these and if this was a time attack car there would be a huge aero advantage but they are harder to repair for rough and tumble drifting. Once again, take note of the beautiful dimple die gussets and seam welding around the shock towers.
Forrest built the 4″ stainless exhaust from oval tubing with a round to oval transition for greater ground clearance.

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