Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab! Nissan S15 Drift Car


The car’s main fire supression system is a Stroud 5 lb unit.  The Stroud uses FE-36 agent which seems about as effective as Halon but is ozone safe if you care about that when you are on fire!
The Get Nutz Lab Silvia has what is perhaps the most beautiful cage in drifting.  It is fit very tightly into the outer perimeter of the cabin and connected to the unibody with feet of beautiful dimple die plates. This greatly enhances the strength and safety of the cage by fully coupling it with the unibody.
Look at the detail in the roof area.  Also take a good look at how much head clearance there is. Get Nutz Labs fabrication prowess is super obvious here.  This may be the tightest fitting cage we have ever seen.  Hanging from the cage is a suede Grip Royal steering wheel, custom 808 edition!

The Formula D mandatory Sabelt passenger seat is a standard style seat but the drivers seat has head protectors.

More dimple die goodness and efficient triangulation of the cage.  There are over 200 dimple die holes throughout this beautiful cage. The cage is made of 1.5″ 0.95″ DOM tubing TIG welded by Forrest Wang himself. The ducting directs air to the PRE oil cooler.
The AIM MXL dash handles display duty as well as handling all of the car’s data logging duties.   A Turbosmart boost controller, set in the Robot Racing carbon fiber dash on the left side handles on the fly boost adjustments. An AEM Wideband Air Fuel ratio monitor sits on the right side of the dash.

A Woodward collapsible racing steering column with a quick release steering wheel hub is a much lighter and safer option than stock for steering.

You can see more of the dimple die detail here, look at the different size holes.  Everything is covered in flawless green metal flake paint. 

Did you happen to notice that this Japanese Market car has been converted to left hand drive?

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