Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab! Nissan S15 Drift Car


The Garrett GTX turbo mounts on a Future Fabrication custom 6-1 V-band flange exhaust manifold. The manifold is constructed from thick TIG welded stainless steel weld el cast tubing. This is not going to crack.

In addition to the 4″ stainless downpipe, Forrest also fabricated the exhaust system and wastegate dumps.

Chase Bays did the 2JZ conversion wire harness.  We love the cool quick release Deutsch connector bulkhead fitting on the firewall. 

A huge self draining catch can is essential for a high powered turbo car running ethanol. Ethanol has really nasty blowby residue and it’s not good to allow this to dilute the oil, especially on an engine that uses a wet sump that has simple venting for crankcase evacuation.

An AEM boost control solenoid is used to control the base boost via ECU control.  Sometimes a Turbosmart in cabin boost controller is deployed if fast on the fly boost control is desired for instant additional power or to reduce power if slippery track conditions are encountered.
The giant front mount intercooler uses a Garrett 30x24x4″ bar and plate core.  This big boy is going to keep the charge air temp super low!   Get Nutz Lab fabricated the end tanks and the beautiful dimple die gusseted core support.  Check out the Get Nutz plate on top of the intercooler.  We love this car, race car function and attention to detail meets show car level esthetics.
The purple thing is a Tial Alpha Q recirculating blow off valve or BOV which is plumbed between the intercooler end tank and the turbo air inlet. The BOV directs air straight into the compressor inducer which on its own can help keep the spool up. The BOV is pretty far away from ideal placement at the throttle valve, but it packages well here.

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